South Sudan’s capital, Juba, is engulfed in waves of fear as soldiers loyal to president Salva Kiir begin to arrive in the capital in large number.

According to inside reports, the army has lost some of its strongholds to army loyal to First Vice President, Riek Machar Teny, outside the capital with the last few days.

For the last two weeks, South Sudan army has been battling the armed opposition in an attempt to push Riek Machar’s men away from Juba, however, evidence indicates that the army is weakened as young fighters begin to look for alternatives.

Eyewitnesses from the United Nations compounds in Juba report a high influx of civilians seeking refuge in UNMISS protection sites within the last 48 hours.

According to Mabior Garang de Mabior, who spoke on BBC yesterday, their positions outside the capital have been on constant attacks by troops loyal to Salva Kiir but their army (SPLA-IO) continued to observe ceasefire agreement while hoping for a third party force to be deployed in Juba before their leader returns to his residence.

According to James Gatdet Dak, the spokesperson of Dr. Riek Machar Teny, SPLA in opposition has captured 21 military trucks full of ammunitions, food and other supplies from the government side.

“Our forces are doing great in self-defence against the attacking forces loyal to President Salva Kiir. Our forces have captured 21 military trucks with their logistics, including food belonging to enemy forces. Juba is besieged from different directions as we speak.” Gatdet states a few minutes ago.

The Press secretary calls on the region to begin deploying a third party force within the capital before their soldiers are forced to “act further”

“We call for the deployment of the proposed third force in Juba, or else we will be forced to act further and march to Juba in order to restore peace and security in the capital,” Gatdet said.

Gatdet believes that the army has lost many lives in an attempt to pursue his chairman for the last three weeks.

“It is unfortunate that lives of soldiers are being wasted in the forests around Juba as hundreds are reported to have been killed on the side of the enemy forces for the past two days” he continued.

Residents of Terekeka and Luri have confirmed renewed fighting in approximate distance from the capital within the last two days.

On July 27, the SPLA in Opposition reports having captured over 200 government troops who failed into their ambush in Bereka county, West of Juba.

South Sudan government is yet to response to the latest changes in the security situation in the capital, however, many foreign nations have evacuated their citizens from South Sudan.