By Paul Olinga

SOS children’s villages Uganda on Tuesday afternoon unveiled a fundraising campaign to raise Shs 6bn to help the organization increase the number of children in their care from 8,000 to 11,000 in the next three years.

While launching the donation drive dubbed “Every Child Deserves AChance, Be That Chance”, Olive Lumonya, the National Director Children’s Villages Uganda, said corporate Image has agreed to support SOS to spearhead the donation drive by raising funds locally.

She noted that a report from UNICEF indicates that there are 1.5 million orphaned children and majority of whom their parents died due to HIV and are living in abject poverty.

She observed that in the past 25years, the agency has transformed lives of over 60,000 children who live in the agency beautiful homes built with the help of donor funds.

Lumonya revealed that funds raised through the donation drive would help to remove all children from the streets and out of exploitation and called upon all financially abled Ugandans to join the donation drive so as to raise the required money. She added that if we change the children today by the time they make 30years, they would be able to change the next generation.


She said that currently SOS Children’s villages provides a loving home, care and education for over 8,000 children both in the Family Care and Family Strengthening Programs.

“Under our Family Care, we offer children a home in our villages where they grow up like another family setting, because at SOS we believe that children thrive best in a family Unit. Our Family Strengthening Program offers support to children and families in need but while they stay in their homes and communities, Lumonya stated.

She further said that donation platforms for the donation drive are mobile money (0776505509/0705505505), Bank deposits, online transfers and direct donations when one visits any of the SOS Children’s Villages across the country