By Herbert Bukenya

Jamie Culture, one of the fast rising new artistes and song writers in the music industry is furious that diva of the moment Rema Namakula did not recognize him as the song writer of her mega Banyabo hit during her recently concluded concerts.

Jamie Culture says the Banyabo hit that has taken the artiste places since last year and even became the catch song for her concerts this time round was his writing and creative effort but the artiste remained unappreciative and could not even mention him during the times she was thanking all those that helped make her concerts this year a big success.

He says she forgot the foundation and where it all started only recognising sponsors like diaper makers, concert promoters and organisers like KT Promotion’s Kavuma and others as if she could have reached that level without the input of the former.

Jamie Culture put this in a scathing audio that made rounds among musicians groups on whatsap and other entertianment industry players. Many said he is simply trying to start a war of words with Rema and get recognition considering he was paid off and credited in the song’s video so he didn’t deserve any special credit at the concert even though it was built around that particular song.

Jamie Culture besides being a prolific song writer is known for songs of his own like Telukya, Your Smile, Agunjuke and Sabasaliza which have established him as one of the fast rising vocalists to watch in the industry as well. He is also a nominee for best song writer for the 2017-18 Hipipo awards showing he is really a name to watch in the industry!