I am Nisha 23 years at Nkumba University, I know most of you will blame me for this whole thing
which is ok. Early 2013, I met this gentleman (deleted words), he was so kind and open to me, he told me about his wife and baby girl they have together, he took me out several times, bought me fancy things and obviously
wanted sex in return and i didn’t hesitate because this man was honest with me he wanted to have side fun, before we had sex, he suggested that we would go for an HIV test not knowing he had the virus already and was on medication, so everytime we went for check up, the virus wouldn’t show and the guy always insisted on live sex and I always had no problem because our results always came out negative.

He always gave me tablets to swallow, i think these were birth control pills. We kept meeting for quite a long time, after 5 months, he stopped picking my calls, blocked me on WhatsApp and always blacklisted any other number i used.

So I gave up on him and got another boyfriend, we went for check up before we had sex and i turned out positive, before this guy, i was a virgin and this
devil TOOK MY VIRGINITY & GAVE ME HIV. My boyfriend left me, i fell so sick, I lost my friends, gave up on school now my mum takes care of me but I hear her cry every night from her room, it makes me cry even more.

I am posting this and exposing this devil so that fellow girls don’t fall for this asshole To all the girls out there, please
stay safe and if it’s not on, it’s not safe. Please include me in your prayers every time. Share this and save a friend, a sister and auntie or even your daughter.

I remain Nisha.