By Faridah Nakazibwe

So Take them as they come. Because, you never know which one will not come again! Although you know within yourself that this is what you want to do. But you won’t do it because, you keep telling yourself, “People will laugh at me. They will criticize me.” Or you feel you are too old or too young! We allow these negative thoughts to always drown out our own inner voice. And we end up not acting on our goals and dreams!

Look, in the end, you are not going to regret the things you did but, the things you didn’t do. The relationship you were so afraid to enter into, the great ideas, the beautiful dreams that you didn’t act on; those are the things you are going to regret!

So, it’s not too late! Gather your courage, harness your will and call on your audacity to after what you want. You can have it. The reality about success is, people only see the crown but they don’t see the years of struggle, pain, failures, disappointments and hard work.

God is bringing you out of every shame and embarrassment. Those who thought you’re doomed to fail will hear of your sudden turnaround, success and testimony.

A good season is about to break out for you. All those who’ve ignored you will acknowledge you in this new season of yours. Remain in faith! Don’t loss hope, The time is now.