By Najibu Mulema

They say if you want peace with any man, never undermine the size of his manhood because such criticism can land you in deep trouble. The moment you utter out such, an angry man can slap you bad or else can hate you forever.

However, city socialite Sheila Don Zella is not shaken by what her ex husband musician Bigeye could do to her.

Now the socialite has revealed that during all the loving making times she spent with the ‘kankuzinilemu’ singer, she never felt anything since Bigeye has a small manhood which could not make her feel like a woman.

While appearing on Bukedde TV’s kanayokya ani show, Don Zella said even if the two have a kid together, all the time she spent with him, she never felt anything to do with love adding that every time they used to make love she was thinking about other men.

Currently, rumours has it that Bigeye is in love with New Eagles’ upcoming singer Sasha Brighton and they have been seen on several occasions together.