By our reporter

Money splashing socialite Don Bahati and 40 other Ugandans are being held in Zambia over unlawful stay and engaging in fake witchcraft.

According to a Zambian local radio known as Millenium 90.5FM, Don Bahati and colleagues were apprehended at a lodge in Kamwala, where they had assembled to elect leaders of their illegal association of Ugandan herbalists.

All the forty one (41) failed to produce travel or immigration documentation at the time of the raid.

This contained in a press statement issued to millennium radio news by Immigration public relations officer Namati Nshinka.

Mr. Nshinka disclosed that Don Bahati was earlier arrested for failing to observe conditions of his spouse permit.

He was found operating a business called Chief Muhamed Herbal Limited, situated along Nationalist Way, the offence for which he was prosecuted, convicted and fined.

He currently holds a temporary permit pending a decision over an appeal against the revocation his spouse permit.

Mr. Nshinka adds that the immigration has noted an upswing in the number of foreign nationals trading in herbal products for altering or enlarging certain parts of the human anatomy, most of which have not been tested and certified medically safe by the competent authorities.

He says others are swindling some unsuspecting members of the public by making unrealistic promises such as bringing back lost lovers, finding jobs and amassing unexplained wealth.

He has urged members of the public to avoid falling prey to such fraudsters and instead report such criminals to law enforcement agencies.