Unidentified social media user has accused Rwanda of killing Makerere University through persuading institution’s top researchers and fueling strikes.

He wrote;

Rwanda is slowly swallowing Makerere university and few Ugandans are paying attention. Rwanda government has aggressively pursued Makerere lectures to join University of Rwanda especially top Makerere researchers have crossed the boarder. These researchers were educated on Uganda taxpayers money but Rwanda is benefitting the fruits of their education.

Rwanda government has been behind Makerere lecturer’s strikes promising them big money, free housing, cars and other fringe benefits.

Rwanda is also targeting Soil and Science lectures luring professors to Rwanda. Uganda government had secured a deal to eliminate undergraduate degrees from Makerere and this was going to increase Uganda students into Rwanda University. This deal was negotiated by Janet Museveni who is the minister of education. New Vision a government newspaper published a story of Rwanda government hunting down Makerere lecturers alluring them with financial packages and this was the time Makerere lecturers went on strike requesting for pay raises but the government of uganda kept a deaf ear because Janet Museveni wanted Makerere lecturers to go to Rwanda University.

Dr. Fredrick Goloba Mutebi was one of the high profile researchers who jumped ship to Rwanda University and was even granted a Rwanda citizenship. Before 1986, it was unthinkable that any Ugandan would denounce Uganda citizenship in favor of Rwanda citizenship. Now that Museveni has 317 sleeping MPs, by the time they wake up, there would be no Makerere.

I appeal to all concerned ugandans in UPDF, civil servants, students, police etc to wake up and fight for our country, our fore fathers and mothers left behind for us. Our nation is slipping away while those entrusted to protect our nation are busy sleeping but they wake up to go to Kyankwanzi to celebrate their treasonous actions.