By Herbert Bukenya

After Bebe Cool put out a lengthy message on the good in social media tax and how it will help to regulate idle talk on social media besides contributing to the tax coffers of the government, Hilderman came out strongly to oppose his views.

Dr. Hilderman real names Hillary Kiyaga came out to tell off Bebe Cool reminding him that not every one is born in a rich family and can afford to pay the mobile money taxes and social media tax that Bebe Cool is in support of.

Hilderman added that people can hardly afford a meal a day and unlike Bebe Cool who can run to big people in government when he is in financial trouble and they bail him out, the man on the street who is struggling with this tax is all on his own and so he should show concern for these people a number of whom are his fans.

He added that beyond the political inclinations of Bebe Cool, this issue is a concern for every one and affects his fans and those who think like him politically as well.