By Faridah Nakazibwe

Social Media Has Created Jealousy Behaviour Over Illusions. Sadly Some Are Envious of Things, Relationships And Lifestyle That Don’t Even Exist.

This is what the society has turned us to..
We compare our lives, relationships, successes with all the “Fleeky” pictures we see on social media.
The truth of the matter is people actually upload pictures they want you to see. They don’t show you when they are down, disappointed, sad or broke. 
They only show you their high and happy moments.
They don’t show you when they’re eating directly from Makerere Kikoni or when they’re eating a leftover food. You only get to see a freshly and nicely prepared KFC Chicken.

They don’t show you when they’re quarreling with their spouses or when they’re heartbroken. You only get to see them doing lovey dovey things on social media.
Everyone has a weakness they are battling with but they won’t show you that.

Do not be deceived neither should you use this medium or any other as a yardstick for your life.
Stop wishing to be like anyone you see here, some of them are here for the “fame” and “likes” and they care less.

Don’t get caught up ,No one is Perfect ,Don’t Compare, Do your things. And always keep smiling, Remember Every minute you are angry You lose sixty seconds of Happiness..