By Watchdog reporter

As fire rages through Bank of Uganda corridors of power and a spotlight on its role in the ailing financial sector, now public opinion is turning its heat on the top managers of the bank.

The public especially on social media have released some of the properties allegedly associated with Bagyenda in Kampala’s suburbs of Naguru, Bukoto and Kungu-Kyanja.

The commentators say properties valued at billions of shillings, is worth paying attention to despite the fact Ms Bagyenda is one of the best paid civil servant, taking home close to Sh32 million a month. One commentator says Bagyenda owns 20 apartments in Kungu-Kyanja alone.

Also worth noting is that Bagyenda chose to put some of the properties in the names of her children, a behavior usually associated with public servants who under declare their worth because they have something to hide.

However another whistleblower has said that some properties in Bagyenda’s names in Bukoto and Naguru were up for sale for reasons not yet known.