By Watchdog reporter

It was a case of a crime preventer turning crime promoter as John Kawooya of Batanga in Butenga sub country, Bukomansimbi district, was arrested for stealing a fellow resident’s coffee beans from his plantation.

Police arrested Kawooya, the crime preventer of the area after a sniffer dog traced him as a thief who raided a neighbour’s coffee plantation and went off with a good quantity of coffee beans.

It is coffee season in Greater Masaka region, and Kawooya, a crime preventer who should be protecting the village, instead turned their tormentor.

Isma Matovu, the resident who noticed his coffee had been stolen, went to police and asked for the services of a sniffer dog.

The dog led police officers and villagers to Kawooya’s home in Butanga village, in Butenga Sub County. Unfortunate for Kawooya, the coffee exhibit was recovered in his home.

Matovu says people have been stealing his coffee which prompted him to seek services of a sniffer dog from Butenga police station that led to the arrest of Kawooya.

Ben Osiede the officer in charge of criminal investigations at Butenga police has confirmed Kawooya’s arrest saying that he will be charged with theft when police investigations are completed.

The officer condemned Kawooya’s actions saying that it’s worrying that Kawooya who is supposed to help police to fight crime he is involved in criminal activities.

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