By Ison Rocky Akandinda

Huawei has today fulfilled its $10,000 donation to Rahab Foundation to rehabilitate disadvantaged girls.

The ceremony took place at Rahab Foundation home in Kasangati and it was attended by the Board of trustees of the Charity home, Huawei Public Relations Southern Africa Regional Director Zhangzhiheng, Huawei Staff and Rahab girls representatives.


“Huawei donated desktop computers, laptops, household and food items, and other items worth $10,000 to assist the foundation reduce administrative costs and also to rehabilitate more girls out there”, says Mr. Zhangzhiheng.

Mr. Zhangzhiheng further commended Uganda’s First Lady Hon. Janet Museveni, who has supported the setting up of Rahab Charity Home, and for spearheading the empowering of women and the welfare of the girl child.


Speaking at the event, Board of Trustees chairperson Mrs Dorah Kabonero was moved by the donation saying the girls had never received such a donation.

Phionah Namazzi, who was one of the beneficiaries of the Home’s support system but now is a graduate working as a Programmes Assistant at Rahab, “There is no way we could be here unless good willed people like Huawei Staff come to support. Such gestures give the girls confidence and strength in their psycho-social rehabilitation, knowing many people care for them.”


This donation was a result of Huawei staff taking part in team building activities such as soccer, sack races and tag of war among others, at the Speke Resort Munyonyo on 16th October 2016 to raise points that were generated into monetary terms.

Tongyunpeng, Huawei Public Relations director the USD$10,000 came about because, “The more team building participation from employees meant more points to generate funds for charity”.