By Herbert Bukenya

Relationships especially romantic ones between man and woman are a key part of our lives and often times either boost our happiness or lead to depression depending on how good or bad things are between us and our spouses.

Often times the challenge stems from ‘bad sex’ which takes the excitement and fire out making sex routine and boring, this with time affects communication, confidence and other aspects of the relationship plus productivity too.

However it is not all lost and below are some practical ways in which you can improve your sex life.

You can start by payng more attention to your partner, sex is about two people and ensure both your minds are in it and your partner’s interests are taken care of two. Most people miss the point when thy assume it’s about their satisfaction alone.

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If you are the kind who drives and works in an indoor office, always under airconditioning with limited access to the natural sun shine, you may need to get out there and connect with the sun. The sun helps facilitate the prodouction of a hormone in the body known as melatomin which not only improves one’s sleep but also adds on the sex drive.

Going slow on alcohol and smoking will also help boost your sexual prowess, while a little alcohol especially wine does boost circulation and could improve sexual performance, excessive alcohol, smoking and use of other stimulants does narrow blood vessels, reducing performance and could result into impotence in the long term.

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Get your stress levels under control, stress often times pushes up blood pressure and heart in a negative way thus affecting sexual perofrmance. When it persists and reaches depression levels getting and sustiaining an erection among men becomes hard and for the ladies they will hardly achieve an orgasm. One of the proven ways of reducing stress is excercising regularly.

If you are involved in masturbation dont do it to get a quick fix, masturbate to help prolong the time from when you get aroused to the time when you climax, if you train yourself this, you will certainly have better sex.

Eat more foods rich in Vitamin B-1 like pork and peanuts, this improves signals in the nervous system from the brain to sexual organs, increase omega 3 fatty acids intake these are mainly olive oil, avocado and salmon fisn, they increase blood flow, eggs are also recommended because they contain vitamin B which controls stress and balances hormones improving sex.

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Other recomended foods include chillies and peppers that reduce inflamation, onions and garlic that boost circulation plus bananas that have potassium whicl lowers blood pressure n boosts sexual performance.

More physical excercises, change of routine positions and venues for your sex activity, role play and more fore play plus better communication before sex and after sex will also boost your performance.