By Michael Babu Du’uki.

Many of us have probably heard, or better still used the phrase “it’s just a small thing” or better still “you are making a storm in a tea cup” or even better “you are making an elephant out of ant hill”. Well, I can assure you that it is this little things that will cost you big one day.

Today, court threw out Nansana Municipality MP, one Wakayima Musoke Nsereko because his good name did not appear in the voters’ register. Guess which name was there? Musoke Hannington Nsereko! I have no doubt in my mind, though as a lay man that the two names refer to the same person, one and the same. It is him I could swear. You know why, I don’t see a christian name in the names he used to contest for MP! But this is my layman’s view. However, in strict legal terms, the two persons are separate. They can’t be the same in the eyes of the law, unless you have a legal document called an affidavit to join them.

In the early stages of National ID Registration, I registered with my rightful names as Babu Michael. The clerk in their wisdom captured my name as Babu Micheal. You will notice that the spelling of my first name is not same in both instances. So when I noticed the difference, I refused to pick the ID and requested for correction of my first name. You should have seen how the clerks berated me for my “I KNOW MORE” attitude! I composed myself and explained to them that legally, Babu Micheal is not me! I drew examples from the experience of a friend of mine who missed a flight because the name on his ticket varied with the name on his passport. Another one got into trouble when the airline guys could not reconcile his name, that of his wife, and their kid! You can imagine the inconvenience and distress the poor guy went through!

To cut the long story short, take away two lessons from here;
1) Your name is your identity. Don’t let anyone mess with it. Don’t mess with it yourself!
2) Don’t ignore the so-called ‘small’ things. Always remember that you could well lose something as valuable as an MP seat because of ‘stupid’ mistake you made, or something ‘small’ you ignored!