By Watchdog reporter

A man whose we can only identify by his first name, Lauben, has offered to help Ugandans whose rights were trampled upon while working in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lauben who was responding to our series on the sufferings of Ugandans who serve as guards in US military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq, advised the Ugandans suing Saracen which recruited them in Uganda to forget the move and instead go for the company which was contracted by Americans to provide guarding services. Lauben says if possible, it is even better to sue US department of defence for not taking due diligence, and whose lapses led to their mistreatments.

“I saw your complaints online, where you are suing Saracen. Saracen cannot pay you the money you want,” said Lauben, before offering practical advice to the group of Ugandans whose case is ragging in the high court and was pushed to November 28 for hearing.

“I offer some advice since this is an area I have worked and I would like to share what you can do,” he said.

“Saracen cannot pay you. Take or leave it because they are agents,” however, he added, “The company you signed a contract with in Afghanistan or Iraq is the one you should sue.”

Lauben warned that the former guards who say they were wrongfully dismissed, that Saracen might just waste their time and find out later they also sought the opportunity to sue the Americans or the contracting company.

Guards in Afghanistan and Iraq work in extremely dangerous environment, however, the managing company of such contracts makes guards live in fear and offers them poor working conditions, including job insecurity in case one voices out their misgivings.

Lauben advised whoever has served in Iraq or Afghanistan and especially fell ill, to reach out to him since he has successfully got compensation for some former servicemen.

Lauben who himself worked in those war countries some decade ago, said, Ugandans stand to win good monies if they sue the right party.

“If one fell sick, those medical receipts get good compensation and you could get over Sh100 million,” he said.

“You can get a lawyer online, if the company which hired Saracen is a US company, but you can change a lawyer any time if you find out you are not getting a good deal.

“If you don’t have good lawyers, I can give you one, and you will deal with the lawyer directly,” he offers.

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