By Herbert Bukenya

City tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga who first gained fame in Kampala a number of years ago for driving posh rides with personalized plates ‘SK Mbug’a and later attracted lots of media attention dating singer Leila Kayondo is back in the news again.

He is a wanted man on accusations of fleecing a Swedish business man Stein Heinsoo who is an ex boyfriend of Mbuga’s wife Vivienne Chebet of money to the tune of 53 million Swedish kronor which is about 23 billion shillings.

The money was obtained in the guise of a deal to invest it in some gold and other minerals in Uganda having been held in a joint account co-operated by Vivienne and Steinoo with a plan of sharing the profits with the eldery Swedish business man.

Media reports from a number of sites and major media outlets reported on Monday that SK Mbuga was allegedly arrested in Dubai by Interpol and transferred to Sweden.

However while speaking to a local media house Interpol Uganda Director AIGP Fred Yiga could not confirm or deny the arrest also stating that they did not have Mbuga on their interpol wanted list.

The Senior cop said in spite of that he had been approached by some people to assist them on the possible arrest of Mbuga with Yiga advising them to pursue the suspect by instructing their lawyers to follow up that matter with authorities in Dubai UAE.

The news of his capture though was attributed to anonymous sources that could not be independently verified and the latest information coming in from celebrated blogger Kakensa Ndugwa who spoke to a contact in Sweden concerning this alleged arrest confirmed that Mbuga and his wife are still at large according to Swedish prosecutors but they are being hunted.

This refutes earlier reports of the socialite and mystery tycoon’s arrest at one of the International airports in Dubai that have been making rounds on various platforms including major media outlets.