By Watchdog reporter

On Monday, we asked if self styled businessman SK Mbuga was attempting suicide. There was also reports that the late Ivan Ssemwanga could have announced himself dead to fake death and disappear from his pursuers who he had allegedly conned billions of shillings.

Now, couple of days after SK Mbuga narrowly survived death in a motorcycle accident at his home, it emerges that a Chinese businessman had dragged him to police for conning him over a billion shillings.

It is understood that Sulaiman Kabangala whose alias is SK Mbuga, Jack Pemba and some lady called Sheba agreed to sell gold to the Chinese, but, hoodwinked him and gave him an escort car which disappeared with his treasure.

Yang Ru, 40, a Hong Kong based minerals dealer filed a case at Kampala Central Police station. The file number is GEF 29/2017.

Yang says last December, he was told about gold dealers in Kampala who came to Uganda to see.

Mbuga and his colleagues brought him gold worth $300,000 and he paid them in cash. They brought the gold escorted by security people so he believed they were genuine people.

The conmen offered to give him transport to Entebbe airport, however they arranged that he travels in another vehicle, different from the one carrying his gold. On reaching Entebbe, the Chinese says he realized the vehicle carrying gold had disappeared.

Yang wants Mbuga, Pemba, Sheebah and two other people apprehended and reimburse his money or return his gold.

Emilian Kayima, Kampala metropolitan spokesman says, the file has been recalled to PSU in Bukoto to find out whether their officers were complicit in the gold con deal.

It is not the first time Mbuga and Pemba are accused of conning foreign nationals. Pemba, a Tanzania carrying a British passport, was recently arrested at Entebbe airport as he attempted to fly to London after an Australian businessman accused him of conning him. Again, the con job was about gold.