By Najibu Mulema

1,Dr Sudhir Jayantilal Ruparelia is a Uganda -Asian whose family came to Uganda in 1903, he was born in 1956(60 years ago ) at Mengo hospital in Kampala.He is the founder of Ruparelia foundation.

2,According to 2014 Forbes African edition,Sudhir is number 22 on the list of the most richest people in the African continent and the most richest in East Africa.He is worth over $1billion.

3, Though his crane bank was taken over by the central bank,Sudhir is still one of Uganda’s largest property owners.
Through his Ruparelia Group, he owns more than 300 commercial and residential properties, including the Speke
Hotels and the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, a chain of foreign exchange bureaus and Victoria University, the first down town private university in
Kampala. He started building his empire in Uganda in 1985
after returning from the United Kingdom. He began by importing beer and salt from Kenya and subsequently
started a foreign exchange bureau which laid the foundation for his entry into commercial banking.

4,Despite the fact that Sudhir can make the American dollar call his name,he is a down to earth person in that he has agood relationship with several people.

5,He owns about 500 bank accounts which he monitors so closely such that by 7am of everyday, he knows how much money is on each account.Surprisingly, all the money on various account are in different currencies.

6,He broke a record when he hosted a $ 2 million lavish wedding party for his daughter Meera who was getting married to the love of her life Ravi in London.
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