By Najib Mulema

Ansana singer Martin Nkoyoyo known by his stage name Yoyo has come out to inspire the young generation especially those who are still in school.

Through a project dubbed ‘Am Smart’ (Ndi Wakabi), the singer aims at visiting 50 schools throughout Uganda before the end of this academic term.

As he visits schools, Yoyo skills the young ones on how to respectively talk and represent themselves in society as well as instilling mental smartness and confidence in them.

“First of all, Yoyo as a brand I have a positive personality but unfortunately in the music industry we have a bad reputation; they see us as the spoilt, the unruly yet the young ones see us as their role models so I came up with this project to enable the young generation to depict the good side of musicians so that they become good people in society,” said Yoyo.

He also revealed that his project will also inspire students to efficiently pursue their Education and put their talents into use.

So far the singer has already visited 18 schools which include Bweyogerere Progressive, St Jonah High School, Entebbe SS among others.

The project is sponsored by Impex (makers of feathers sanitary pads, Fresh Up toothpaste) and Amaddi (makers of Agros Juice).

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