By Herbert Bukenya

After his former maid came out and claimed he has a child with her and that  he has refused to take care of him,Kadongokamu singer Mathias Walukagga has come out to blame the Youth Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi for being behind this public embarrassment.

Walukaga has allowed to take care of the child in question and has said he will not waste his time going for the DNA test because this whole thing seems to be planned to bring him down with the results predetermined too.

He said, “The way the whole thing has played out feels like an election with a pre-determined result. A whole Minister had to go to the village pick this child and bring hi to Kampala then generate publicity for the whole affair with a plan to make me pay up to 300 million in costs and damages after prosecution and a jail sentence is planned for me too.”

As a result he says whether he is the biological father of the child or not, inorder to avoid being ‘put out of circulation’ with a jail term that will sabotage his career and embarrass him, he will provide for the child.

He says people should become curious about the fact that a whole honorable Minister was involved in the whole issue from the start picking up the child, keeping the child some where not far from Kampala to invloving flying squad in the whole process so it is no longer just a domestic issue between him and his former maid but a trap he will not fall into.

Walukaga concludes that an appropriate time when the dust is settled he will have a proper DNA test conducted from a neutral place where results that are genuine can be got adding that he is even willing to have it done as far as South Africa or USA to ensure the results are true and fair.