By Watchdog reporter

Singer Mowzey Radio has denied throwing a DJ’s Laptop in swimming pool during the late Ivan Semwanga’s vigil at Muyenga.

Since Monday ‘agataliko nfufu’ video alleging that the singer threw a laptop in water has been beating around social media.

But Radio has come out to clarify that he did not throw the laptop as alleged citing that journalists and bloggers are accusing him falsely.

He wrote;

Beginning Of the week with false alert from the media and our so called bloggers on how I deep fried a laptop in the swimming pool ?. I only saw my name trending in the headlines, then I was so excited and expecting to watch my self throwing a laptop, little did I know that all smart phone users are bloggers and journalists who can’t provide news with evidence ?. Surprisingly they managed to record my speech on Video but their forged scene wasn’t recorded oba why?

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