By Watchdog reporter

Apparently Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Center is not happy with faded singer Qute Kaye after he abandoned his church just months after giving his life to Christ.

We understand that Qute kaye no longer attends church sessions as before yet the pastor bought him a car, paid all the bills including school fees for his kids.

On realizing that all his problems were solved he started skipping prayers the church till now a thing that has annoyed Pastor Kayanja.

Kaye gave his life to Jesus in Feb during the 77 Days of Glory and Salvation (77DOGS) after he had lost hope in the world.

Many failed celebs like Papa Cidy, Kapere, Eddie Kigere, Captain Dollar among others have embraced Jesus Christ through Pastor Kayanja’s 77DOGS. But what we are not sure about is whether these chaps need deliverance from poverty or faith?

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