By Watchdog reporter

Legendary Bukedde TV presenter Joseph Batte may be in a hiding after learning that Golden Production Singer Maureen Nantume is seriously hunting for him in order to shower him with a “holy slap”.

Batte is well known for his criticism appetite and analyst especially when it comes to local music.

Recently, during one of the show on Bukedde TV, Batte blasted Nantume for her indecent dressing while in music videos, which reaction the singer did not perceive well.

Now, the ‘malidadi’ singer has threatened to teach Batte a lesson citing that one she will walk towards him and she will give him a slap he will never forget in his life.

“But one day I will walk slowly towards an old man, give him a hot slap then after I will tell him the reason why I have beaten him,” Nantume stated.