By Watchdog reporter

Since photos of Kitone singer Desire Luzinda chilling with tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa surfaced on social media, a lot of speculations have been made citing that the bootylicious singer and the tycoon are an item now.

It has also been alleged that the two have been spending quality times together especially at the tycoon’s lavish Masaka based Tavern Kick night club.

However, Desire has rubbished claims that she is having an intimate relationship with Lwasa saying that they only have a business partnership that no one will ever understand.

She advised speculators to take a sip of Johnnie walkers and watch the space.

“When He takes the same kinda pic with another artist y’all don’t make noise but with me you start all kind of stories. This is a business partnership that you will never understand so take a sip of #johnniewalker and watch,” she posted on her social media.

On the other hand, Lwasa also denied having any other form of relationship with Kitone singer apart from business adding that he is contented with his wife.

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