By Herbert Bukenya

After his recent attack that left him almost dead, laid back vocalist and song writer Chris Evans has decided it is time for him to write a will.

This is after he was recently beaten to near death some where in Lungujja by a group of bandits riding on boda bodas that attacked him and stole his car which they grabbed from him and later dumped it in Bunamwaya where it was recovered.

During an exclusive interview he revealed he has decided to make a will on the advice of his grand father and having realised that death shows no signs when its to come.

He says, “Life has given me a second chance to prepare, I almost went without any preparation or notice a few weeks back so I will make the best of this chance.”

Chris Evans added that atleast now he can bequeath the little possesions he owns so far to his children and whoever else he wants and he is sure the extended family wont disturb his children when he is gone.

He was however gurarded when it came to revealing any details of his will saying that was a little too personal to let out.