By Watchdog reporter

Kasanda South County member of Parliament Simeo Nsubuga has blamed haters in the opposition for staging a physical attack on Monday against him during the Kabaka’s 24th coronation ceremony in Buwekuula.

According to Nsubuga, the criminal behaviour exhibited by Ntege William commonly known as Kyuma kya Yesu, a journalist formerly working with WBS stopping him from paying respect to his Majesty was a well I organised and calculated plan by members of the opposition from Kampala to intimidate him in order to stop him and other members who f parliament who have come up to express their views in support of the forthcoming constitutional amendment which f article 102(b⁠⁠⁠⁠).

He has however warned Ntege and his sponsors that their maneuvers will meet a dead end citing that they cannot intimidate him because he has been in serious situations than this one.

“You can’t intimidate Simeo, try somebody else i have been in more serious situations than this one. Somalia and South Sudan were more risky and like fe threatening than this one but i survived, ” he boosted.

However this is a good signal to know what members of the opposition are planning to do to us as NRM members who are supporting the constitutional amendments you have started the music in Mubende today we are getting back to you in the same currency. Nobody will scum to your intimidation acts, ” Nsubuga further stated.