By Fortunate Ahimbisibwe

A direct translation of a Runyakitara proverb goes: In a broken a home, the father has to remind children that he is their father and therefore demands respect.

The same way jjaja is imposing in reminding his bazukulu that he is their jjaja.

I saw comments on social media, people thanking Government for the new Women’s hospital at Mulago. When the cancer machine was broken, people were begging Government to fix it. Citezins should demand not beg.

We have been so deeply compromised that when Government builds a hospital, we have to be eternally grateful.
But that is what the Government is supposed to do. They collect taxes and in a normal situation, Government plans for the money and provides social services based on demographics and need.

Noone in Government is using personal money or assets to build schools or hospitals. This money is either collected as revenue or loans from China, IMF and EU. And we will have to pay it back. As of last year, every Ugandan had a debt of one million shillings.

The minimum expectation therefore is that the service must be available and satisfactory.
In some countries, citezins are seen as taxpayers which makes them clients in public services.

When someone goes to hospital, he/she is treated with respect because that person directly or indirectly pays for that service and even the salary of the employee is paid by the citizens.

Therefore, delivering services to citizens is at the heart of what most government agencies do or are meant to do.
Government is not doing a favour to its citezins, people shouldn’t be begging the President for hospitals or roads.

These services are therefore critical in shaping trust in and perceptions of the Government, if this trust is derailed by poor service delivery, corruption or misuse of public resources, sooner or later, the public develops negative attitides against Government.

And this gets reflected in the voting patterns. 2021 is not too far away.