By Allen Nakawooya

Nasali Brenda a teacher at Makindye Junior School had a passion of becoming a lawyer but due to pressure by mother a teacher too, she was force to be what she is.

She was forced to go in for a short course of teaching training.

“My mother wanted me to follow her footsteps though I had no problem with that but my problem was to take up a course I had no passion for, yes I accepted but am not proud of it,” she said.

David a student of Kampala International University says parents should not force their children into any career out of their choice, they should just help them discover their choices, abilities and create opportunities for them to improve on what they are,

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“You may negatively affect their lives if you block their desires, career is a call but not a burden,” he said

Mr. Denis a mathematics teacher at Makindye say that becoming a teacher was his choice, but her daughter has no career of choice.

“My daughter says she wants to be a lawyer, the other time she says she want to be an accountant as well as being a business administrator because it is a passion of her majority friends, I have to come in as a parent and make tough decision for her depending on what I see in her, me as a parent I know my daughter’s weakness and strength, so parent should not watch their children making wrong decision they have to guide them”. Mr. Denis advises.