By our reporter

When Yasin Kawuma, a 26-year-old driver of the self proclaimed ghetto president, was leaving for Arua with his boss Bobi Wine, he didn’t know he was making a trip from which he will not return to Kampala alive.

Kawuma met his death after a man dressed as police officer shot him while inside a Tundra vehicle owned by Bobi Wine, an upcoming politician, who is already raising the dust in political circles. Images of his lifeless body were circulated on social media within seconds. The vehicle had inscriptions, “Our Power”.

Bobi Wine was minutes later rounded off from his hotel and taken to an unknown location.

Kawuma, was a young life cut short unceremoniously. He was on duty, serving his boss. It is not clear which offense he committed, but, the extra judicial killing has been widely condemned .

The 26 year old who hails from Masaka, was a loyal fan of Bobi Wine. He has been working for the ghetto singer for about six years. Sources say Kawuma has been with Bobi since 2012….the Kyadondo East MP was then just a singer, and his metamorphosis into a fully fledged politician had not taken place.

He leaves behind three children. A young wife. Many friends and beloved family.