By Watchdog reporter

Head of Dawah in Uganda, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata has returned bodyguards which were assigned to him by the Uganda police to guard him following the recent rampant Muslim clerics assassination by unknown gunmen.

According to Muzaata, the ruthless criminals have time to time proved that they stronger than them even if they bodyguards and the current proof is the murder of police spokesperson AIGP Felix Kaweesi who was gunned down last week.

The controversial sheikh said if the assailants managed to kill a high ranked police officer who had more protection than them, then that means people like him(Muzaata) are at high risk of being assassinated. Muzaaata thus resolved to return what he called useless bodyguards citing that his God will protect him.

“I said; let me take back these bodyguards. Why should they put 40 bullets in my body; and of what use will that one bodyguard be?” he said.

“That is why I walk ghafla; just like that. I returned all authority back to my Lord Allah who is in heaven.” Muzaata added.

Due to the numerous warnings he gets about messing with his own life, Muzaata recalled that his colleague Muhammad Kiggundu, a UPDF Major with two weapons and a bodyguard was shot dead in morning light, in Masanafu, November last year.

“Now you have this one black-collared one (Kaweesi); he sits on the highest decision making council of the police; but I tell you, the boys hit him. They do so to show us that we are weak. They are telling us that the while we locked up the front door, the back door is wide open.”