By Watchdog reporter

Religious Leaders under their umbrella body The Inter- Religious Council (IRC)have condemned the grave unchecked atrocities committed against the Rohigya Muslims in Myanmar.

Speaking during Juma prayer on Friday at Old Kampala Mosque, Sheikh Ramathan Mubajje, the Grand Mufti of Uganda also Chairman of IRC said freedom of worship is a fundamental Human Right and no one has a right to persecute another for the difference in worship.

“It has come to our attention that the Rohingya Muslims have been condemned as the “unwanted race” on earth by the Myanmar’s state. The desperate Rohigya Muslims are trying to escape to Bangladesh, which appears to have space for them, at least for now but still not very tolerant,” sheikh Mubajje revealed.

“Reports indicate that More than 3,000 Rohingya arrived in Bangladesh on Monday but the government there is pushing them back to persecution in Myanmar. Patrols have been stepped up at the boarders pushing back hundreds of civilians fleeing the atrocities in Myanmmar,” He added.

Sheikh Mubajje further stated that for the last two weeks, over 120,000 Rohigya Muslims have fled Myanmar, 400,000 still trapped in the conflict zone, 20,000 trapped in no man’s land, 17 villages burned down and 400 killed.

Meanwhile, the council has called upon the international community to take a lead in condemning the brutal atrocities against the Rohingya muslims.

“We call upon the international Community to take lead in condemning the atrocities committed against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. The Holy Book the Quran clearly condemns the killing of others. Chapter 5 Verse 33 spells out the punishment of those who wage war, for whoever kills a soul it will be as if he has slain the whole mankind and whoever saves one soul it will be as if he saved the entire human race,”