By Watchdog reporter

Former Tabliq Muslim sect head Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and three others have been sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted of terrorism by High Court’s International Crimes Division Court.

On Monday, three court judges who included Ezekiel Muhanguzi, Percy Tuhaise and Jane Kiggundu acquitted Kamoga and 13 others of murder after the prosecution failed to produce in court direct evidence pinning them on the acts that they killed Sheikh Hassan Kirya and Sheikh Mustapha Bahiga.

However, Sheikh Kamoga, sheikh Siraje kawooya, Multadha mudde bukenya, Kalungi fahad, Kakande yusuf and Ssekayanja abdsalam were found guilty of terrorism.

Principle senior state Attorney Rachael Bikhole asked the judges to grant the convicts the maximum death sentence, saying that their crimes led to the death of innocents.

Delivering their verdicts today afternoon, the three judges sentenced Kamoga, Bukenya, Kalungi and Kawooya to life imprisonment citing that as leaders they failed to use their leadership positions to bring about harmony amongst  their followers.

Whereas Sekayanja and Kalungi were sentenced to 30 years in jail, being that they were not in leadership positions.