By Najibu Mulema

A son to the late murdered sheikh Mustapha Bayiga has recountered to court events that transpired on the day of his father’s murder.

He has narrated how assailants attacked and shot his father in a car at Bwebajja mosque along Entebbe road.

In a company of two of his siblings,the 18 year old boy who is a student of Mbogo college school in Kawempe division is the sixth prosecution witness in the murder trial where 14 suspects are accused of masterminding the murdering of the two muslim clericsin the country.

He told court that on a fateful day,28 th December 2014 at about 7:45pm, he was in the mosque praying and heard an out bang outside which he mistakenly took to be electric sparks but when he got out the mosque, he found his father laying unconscious in the car co driver seat.

He added that his father partly regained consciousness and repeatedly said kamoga had killed him, he repeated this on the way to Namulundu hospital in Kajansi and in the ambulance to Mulago hospital before breathing his last.

Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and 13 others are accused of masterminding the murder of sheikh Bayiga and sheikh Hassan Ibrahim Kirya.

The witness further told court that his late father had during day driven him and his two siblings to Wandegeya mosque to attend muslim religious teachings where they met sheikh Kirya and deputy Supreme mufti Mahmood Kibatte. Sheikh Kirya was murdered on July 1st 2015.

He also told court thay he had previously seen sheikh Kamoga in their religious teachings and today he was able to clearly identify him before court,but he never knew of any grudge between hus father and sheikh Kamoga.