By Lawrence Kazooba

Ugandan singing sensation Sheebah Karungi has joined the list of entertainers lying about her age.

Sheebah who is about to host a concert at Hotel Africana went to Spark TV to promote her concert on LiveWire show. When she was asked about her marriage plans, she said she was not in hurry to marry or have children. And added, she was only 29 years old.

However Sheebah isn’t 29. She’s in fact 35. It puzzles me that women love to tell lies about their age yet they love celebrating birthdays.

I have known Sheebah for about 10 years. And also if you hear her tell her story, you realize how old she is. By the way Sheebah, 35 years isn’t too long!!!

By the time Sheebah became rebellious and ran away from home, she was already 18. During her performances in Bwaise she was in fact older than several teenagers who performed kareoke at Eden pub. Sheebah did some years in kareoke before she got her big break with Obsessions girls music group. That was about 2008. Sheebah was about 24 or 25 when she joined Obsessions. Here she was largely filling the gap left by some girls leaving Jackie Tusiime, Brenda and Sharon O in need of a filler. Sheebah was that filler.

It’s 10 years since Sheebah arrived on the Obsessions stage. And Sheebah should sit in her skin comfortably to accept she’s 35 or stop talking about her age.