By Felix Oketcho

Sheebah Karungi is destined to perform at the grand opening of Beverly Hills bar in Kansanga this Friday 28th September.

Beverly Hills one of the popular bars in Kansanga closed for renovation and even changed management however its fresh and fully furnished for business again.

With cut throat competition in bar business in the same jurisdiction, Beverly hills bar management plans to unveil unique theme nights to gather massive revelers.

During the renovation management expanded the bar by putting in extra guest rooms, hotel and restaurant to cater for extra clientele.

Capital pub, Quarter Matonga,Comrades,Casablanca,Deuces, Habibi Bar,the Dawn and now Beverly hills are the currently bars in tight completion for revelllers.

However when Beera Nange  hit maker Sheebah was contacted for comment was tight lipped to disclose the deal but confirmed she will perform at the grand launch.

Sheebah who is rumored to be married to Jeff Kiwanuka will be managed by her husband for now until she probably quit her music career.