By Badru Mulisike

When we talk about soldiers,the picture that comes into many people’s minds are serious tough faces of men in uniform.Whose smile is as rare as a white rhino.Despite being the humans on which countries depend on for security.Many people refer to the army as an institution for failures,an institution for ill mannered human beings who rape women in war,an institution for only strong men and ugly women.This is what would come to many peoples mind when you talk of an army force.

But slowly by slowly the army has rebranded itself everywhere in the world.Today the army consists of the most intelligent people because it has many intelligence units.You will find that some of the most rich people these days are soldiers who spend their income sparingly to prepare for their families.The army is one of the most loyal institutions these days.Full of discipline and always punished by the court martials in case of any indiscipline.On top of that the army has branded itself to attracting all kinds of people and today even beautiful women will choose to join the army other than any other institution.

Meet Alexxis Jones aka Lexx Jones an Itallian black serving in the US Army who has undergone a series of training.Lexx Jones lives in Atlanta,Georgia.In her late twenties apart from serving in the army,Lexx utilises some of her free time in fashion and modelling.Bringing awareness to people that apart from serving in the army soldiers too have a life and they are humans like any of us. Lexx got popular mainly through her instagram account,and later snap chat leaving the media with many questions whether she might be one of the hottest and sexiest women in the US army.

A humble Lexx Jones while speaking out in one of the interviews notes that the media made her popular.She is also heard saying that despite the fact that she has a number of selfies most people fall in love with mainly pictures that show her“booty.”

“I got guys who wanna take me everywhere.Football players,rappers…basket ball players!”Lexx exclaims with a smile.Saying that at most times she is left surprised with who specifically messages her.Despite her social media life that has turned her into a celebrity Lexx is a humble military officer dedicated to her duties.