By Najib Mulema

On Tuesday, a section NRM leaders led by Joseph Sewava Mukasa revealed that they were collecting at least 250 signatures to write a petition to the national party chairman Yoweri Museveni to kick the party’s electoral commission boss, Dr. Tanga Odoi out of office over what they called “indiscipline and bad conduct”.

They further said they were to storm Secretariat Headquarters on Friday to evict Tanga out of office.

Now, a group of concerned citizens led by Omeja Stephen have vowed to deal with all people planning to illegally evict the Electoral Commission boss from office.

While addressing the press at Centenary Park in Kampala on Thursday, Omeja said Sewava and group should stand warned citing that they are ready to defend Dr. Tanga in any way possible.

“We are ready to defend Dr. Tanga Odoi because he is fighting on the right side of law. He is fighting for the taxpayer’s money and that is the main reason why some greedy people like Sewava want him sacked,” lamented Omeja.

“If they want to use an illegal approach, even us we shall follow suit and by 6am on Friday we shall be at the secretariat waiting for them,” he added.

Omeja noted President Museveni is the only one who can ask Dr. Tanga to resign thus asking Sewava’s team to follow the legal procedure.

The group further defended Tanga on the accusations that he abused Secretary General Kasule Lumumba saying that it’s just a rumour since what was quoted as an abuse was a statement made by Dr. Tanga describing Lumumba as a good mobilizer, a good dancer and poor administrator.

“Dr. Tanga referred to the SG reciting her mobilization skills for NRM votes when she danced to converse for votes. Furthermore, Dr. Tanga also referred to SG’s poor administration because she could not prove the number of employees she claimed to be working with NRM Secretariat,” said Omeja.

Omeja also revealed that NRM Electoral Commission does not belong under the Secretary General so Lumumba has no power over Dr. Tanga citing that the person they are defending is only answerable to President Museveni.

“The EC is an independent organ but coordinates with the Secretariat for the smooth running of the party,”

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