By our reporter

Budadiri West county MP also FDC party Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi  has issued a warning to police that as MPs opposed to the contentious age limit bill, they are ready to beat up police in case they don’t stop tormenting them while on official duties of consulting their people about age limit.

While addressing media at FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi today morning, Mafabi said if police does not stop beating anti- age limit removal MPs, they are more than ready to ‘return’ the favour.

He said the constitution allows MPs to do rallies freely but they don’t know why the security body is ever on their nerves.

He accused police boss Kale Kayihura for acting like he never went to Law school since he acts above the law.

He further vowed to drag police to court for issuing illegal directives that are in violation of human rights.

Early this week, Police issued a directive banning joint age limit consultative meetings by MPs though the legislators led by Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza soiled the order saying it was ‘stupid’.