By Watchdog reporter

Voice of America’s Straight Talk Africa host Dr. Shaka Ssali has told unemployed Ugandan youths to be more worried about the current situation in the country due to the rampant poverty which is eating up the whole nation.

“If you are an UNEMPLOYED young man or woman in Uganda, you have reason to not only be very worried but also understand why others who were in your current situation 30 years ago woke up 61 years old and poor today,” said Ssali.

According to the Ugandan Born- American journalist, Uganda’s economy deteriorated long time ago thus warning the young Ugandans that the more they choose to do nothing about Uganda’s top notch leaders, they will always be bound to be promised PADS, Hoes among other small things which promises are never fulfilled.

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“The moment you choose to be susceptible to political deception you are bound to be promised PADS, HOES and the like ONLY to be told there are no funds and these lies have been the hallmark of this fragile peasant economy we see all over the place,” He said adding that a Boda Boda economy is not an industrial economy promised in 1986 in the 10 Point Program.

“A population that is politically gullible just fades away. People choose to be intellectually lazy by not questioning political deception and calling it what it is. If you think you will find a job by being passive; read my lips, your generation will just fade away,”He warned.