By our reporter

Hajj Ali Mugagga was transferred to Kibuli Secondary School in 2015 from Lubiri SS.

While at Lubiri SS, he was a centre of several wars, according to some teachers and students.

They said he ruthless mismanaged the school’s financial docket, promoted those who professed his Islamic faith and reportedly forced non-Muslim students to put on the veil on Fridays among others and those are some of the reasons why he was transferred to Kibuli SS.

However, it seems his stay at the Muslim faith-based school has done more harm than good after being accused of ruthlessly sleeping with underage female students promising them a good future.

In the information circulating on social media, a group of self proclaimed investigators calling themselves UB40 claim that they undertook their investigation after getting a complaint in January 2017 against Mr. Mugagga.

Tracking Mugagga’s victims;

They started to look for Mugagga’s victims from as far as 2005 and by the end of the day they managed to get 18 females who were once sexually used by the headteacher.

The group alleges that towards the end of 2016, they went to battle the mafias that were out to steal Old Kampala SSS land as they were also pushing the Ministry of Education and Sports to remove the sitting Head teacher of the school. In the process, UB40 received credible information that one of the people that were lobbying to come to the school and replace the embattled Head teacher was Hajj Mugagga.

In the due process, the group started to conduct a background check on the embattled head teacher (Mugagga).

After their investigation they filed their findings, but the Ministry of Education and Sports poured cold water on this move of taking Mugagga to Old Kampala before the group could fully release their findings.

In May 2017, when Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi of St. Lawrence Schools and Colleges passed on and stories of his dirty games with students, teachers and others surfaced, one of the group members posted a few things about another man owning a degree mill in town and doing the same things.

One parent was touched that contacted the group member and shared the pain and agony inflicted on several girls and their mothers by Hajj. Mugagga.

Armed with their findings in January 2017, the group set out to pick the key characters for interrogation and corroboration of evidence.

They identified all the key characters and got the Call Detail Records (CDRs) of their mobile phone numbers using ‘legal’ means.

The numbers of Hajj Mugagga featured prominently in these CDRs.

According to the group, they went back to Hajj. Mugagga’s time in Gombe SS and managed to get victims from as far back as 2005 and conducted some interviews.

“I interviewed his former staff at Gombe SS, Lubiri SS and Kibuli SS. It is shocking that all the people interviewed were surprised that we are thinking that this is ‘news’. They called this as Hajj’s well known public secret,” one of the group members noted.

During the interview with people from Gombe S.S, the investigative group was informed of how Mugagga had an affair with a senior five girl who later ‘graduated’ into one of his official wives.

UB40 alleges that Mr. Mugagga exploits beautiful girls from poor backgrounds after promising them heaven on earth.

The group further claims that the head teacher also turned the home of his late wife n Seeta into a ‘sex den’.

Mugagga uses sports as ‘hunting’ grounds;

“Mugagga has particularly been using netball and other sports at Kibuli SS as his ‘hunting’ grounds. In some of the recordings we were able to obtain from him (courtesy of his recent targets that recorded him secretly), he warns the netballers not to get close to some of the male netball coaches who he knows to be having similar habits. Some of the female teachers in charge of sports in the schools where he has been have not been spared either,” UB40 member alleged.

“Out of the 18 victims that we interacted with in the course of this investigation, five broke down and confessed to having been given money by Hajj to abort the pregnancies they had got while still minors in school. We were able to collect and make recordings of 2,347 minutes while interrogating the victims in these five cases. In the middle of the recordings, some of the girls and mothers break down and our interviewers do some counseling,” he added.

Mugagga’s financial mismanagement;

Meanwhile, Mugagga is also accused of mismanaging the school’s funds.

UB40 claims that when they studied the Audited reports of Lubiri SS for 2013, 2014 and that of Kibuli SS for 2015 and corroborated with the actual intelligence gathered from the schools about Hajj Mugagga’s financial mismanagement, they were able to see that the weak and compromised Governance structures in these schools presented him with the best way of rationalizing his actions because they fell short of upholding their professional standards.

School’s Board of Governors covering up for him;

They accuse the Kibuli SS board of Governors members for failing to handle the burning issue at hand but instead they chose to cover up for the head teacher through buying off complainants.

Now the group has advised parents having female students at Kibuli SS to take their children for HIV/AIDS testing and if results come out negative they should seek for plan B of looking for other schools for the girl children.