By our reporter

Yesterday on NBS TV’s 9pm bulletin, a senior lecturer belonging to the Social Works and Social Sciences faculty was exposed by ‘Eunice’ (Not real name) who was a student of Social Works.

According to the investigative report made by NBS’ Raymond Mujuni, ‘Eunice’ contacted the Kamwokya based station after Dr. Swizen Kyomuhendo persisted on meeting her outside the University premises if she wanted to have her name on the graduation list earlier this year in January.

Now , after being exposed, it’s alleged that Dr. Kyomuhendo has tendered in his resignation to the university.

“The lecturer mentioned in our #NBSInvestigates expose on sexual favors has tendered in his resignation from the university, sources tell us HT/@qataharraymond,” NBS posted on their official facebook page.

How it all started;

‘Eunice’ says she wanted her course so much until she got to Second year where this lecturer started giving her special attention, something that made her hate school.

“He didn’t have my number but he had started noticing my moves, calling out my name in every lecture and telling me to go to his office” – Eunice told NBS.

She says that this persisted until she got to third year and when her name was not on the list of those who were supposed to graduate, Dr. Swizen fronted himself as one who could save Eunice the embarrassment of not graduating by meeting her for a talk shortly before the deadline of handing in the graduation lists.

NBS gave Eunice a secret camera that she went with to meet the lecturer in his faculty office where the discussion went personal as Dr. Swizen persisted to meet Eunice in a lodge next to the University something which Eunice first played down but could do very little about since she wanted to graduate.

The two agreed and Eunice reached the lodge premises as directed by her lecturer with the NBS secret camera hidden on her collar. She called the lecturer asking that they meet at the reception but this played down by Dr. Swizen who insisted that they meet in his room. After minutes of bargaining, Eunice agreed to meet the lecturer in his room and while there, Dr. Swizen promised Eunice on how he could help her graduate.

Eunice pretended to have an urgent need to go somewhere but promised to come back that evening something she never did. Surprisingly, when asked by NBS’ Raymond Mujuni if he had met with any student outside the University premises, The senior lecturer said he knows Uganda’s media and how they want to spoil people’s image. He said as a senior lecturer he can never think of such unethical act.