By Najibu Mulema

Tamale Mirundi is the current presidential Advisor on media affairs and before being witch haunted by ‘Mafias’ he was the Presidential Press Secretary.

When you give him time and listen to him well, you get to know the kind of enthusiastic political analyst Mirundi is.

On several occasions, motor mouth Mirundi has been controversial in his statements to the extent that one time, some people thought he was running mad.

Here are the seven things about Mirundi which you may not know;

1.John Tamale Mirundi is not so certain about the year he was born in but he thinks he was born between 1960 and 1964 in Matale village in Rakai district.

2. He is the ninth child of his mother. His parents are Molly Mirundi and the late Yowana Tamale Mirundi.

3. You may be wondering where Mirundi got his arrogance character, well he says he inherited his mother’s arrogance asserting that during those days in his Matale village , his mother always had a low opinion of many people.

4. Mirundi has no close friends and he takes independent decisions. He says he only befriends people whose interests meets with his and among those people he befriended include President Yoweri Museveni.

5. In 1981, when Mirundi was in senior four, he impregnated a fellow student. His first son was born in the same year. This first partner of Mirundi was taken to London immediately after she delivered. Her family was very rich and to them, Mirundi was a poor person who had no future.

6. His goal to become a journalist was first sparked off by a head teacher of Rubaga SS, when he was in senior three. According to Mirundi, during that time a literature teacher told the class to write imaginary letter so what Mirundi did was to write a love letter in regards to her teacher, the furious teacher got annoyed and reported him to the head teacher.
He was supposed to be expelled but the headteacher forgave him on one condition that he can make a good journalist.

7.Mirundi says he doesn’t cane his children; instead he listens to them and advise them adding that his family promotes mutual respect.