By Watchdog reporter

Yesterday, Makerere University summoned two of its students who shocked the nation last week on Friday when they decided to indecently expose their body parts while attending a Makerere University Finalist Education Dinner.

If these two joking girls thought the outrage is going to stop within the university premises, well it is a lie since our one and only Ethics and Integrity Minister Fr. Simon Lokodo has launched a war on them.

Fr. Lokodo who recently arrested movie translator VJ Junior for distributing pornographic content to the nation has now ordered the Makerere semi-nudes to either apologize publicly or face the wrath of law.

The controversial anti-pornography legislation that outlaws miniskirts and other types of revealing clothing was passed in 2014.

The law that covers a range of issues like child pornography, pornographic publications and even suggestive music videos also makes it illegal to wear revealing clothing, including tops that show too much cleavage and miniskirts, defined as anything above the knee.

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