By Herbert Bukenya

Rising female artiste Serena Bata whose Yegwe Munange song has been getting alot of air play recently earlier this week cried out to her estranged fiance promoter Sipapa confessing her undying love for the promoter and socialite.

She cried her heart out saying he is her everything, her man, her dad, the rock on which she stands and he should not let her go but instead forgive her for whatever she said or did that has kept him away from her for a while now.

She added while shedding tears in an audio that made rounds among the lovers’ friends on social media that it hurts having remained childless in spite of being like man and wife for some time with the promoter and business man Sipapa but she said that is her problem and she has learnt to painfully live with it.

The wailing love sick artiste poured out her heart to her man Sipapa sometimes known as Charles Oryem who became famous for his Sipapa Range Rovers and being singer Chameleone’s financier saying she had tolerated him getting other partners and even having children with them but leaving her was more painful than she could bear.

Serena Bata says Sipapa is her everything and between her and him it has always been true love that is why she has never asked him for his money even though he has lots of it or slept with other rich men who keep asking her out by the minute.

He is all she is holding onto, he is her everything because she claims he understands love and humility but she no longer understands him because he has suddenly changed and abandoned her. She ends her voice message requesting Sipapa to come back to her and they become the great lovers they once were.

Serena Bata makes a very moving statement when she says right now she feels like a used polythene bag that has been dumped on the road side and no one can even pick it up and use it again reminding him she was there for him when he was a nobody and begging again that he comes back to her.