By Watchdog reporter

A senior television journalist of the National broadcaster has asked First Son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, to offer himself to lead Uganda.

Mr Tony Geoffrey Owana, said emphatically that when the time comes, he should be ready to answer the call.

Mr Owana one of the country’s most historical journalists said, he believed Gen Muhoozi needs to embrace this mission as a way of saving Uganda because he has not only been his father’s apprentice but also because he knows how to run the state better than anyone he knows.

Mr Owana made his opinion known to Gen Muhoozi as the two wound up an interview which was broadcasted on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation. Muhoozi just smiled at the comment, not wanting to throw himself into controversy.

The interview was watched by more than the usual UBC viewers thanks to efforts to market it earlier in the day.

Mr Owana asked Muhoozi a couple of questions, peppered with his personal comments and opinions of the Muhoozi he knows and what he wants him to be.

Muhoozi Kainerugaba himself refused to commit himself to whether he will ever run for President.

However he said he was full of administration and appreciation for the mentorship from his dad who has been president for over three decades.
However, he said he would be happier if Ugandans separated him from his father.
He said categorically that he’s not identical with Museveni.

The Major General in UPDF happens to be President Museveni’s special advisor on special operations.

However he told the UBC interviewer Tony Owana that he is still busy with military affairs for now.

There are many people speculating about Muhoozi harbouring ambitions to replace his father. Muhoozi has in the past distanced himself from taking a political career.

Mr Owana’s interview was titled “Demystifying Maj Gen Muhoozi” and discussed his childhood, military career, and speculations about his future.