By Kiyimba Bruno
kiyimba.bruno@gmail. com

Bunga bet Uganda has taken Senegalese football star Ibrahima Sonko to pay his tribute to the late Zakayo at the place where he was buried.

The crew was lead by Bunga bet Uganda boss Mr Prosper Tuhaise and the company’s international director Padraig T Ollie.

While at the Uganda Wildlife Centre Entebbe, Tuhaise explained to Sonko how relevant Zakayo was towards boosting Uganda’s tourism industry.

“Many people up to now come to visit the grave of the oldest and most popular chimpanzee in Africa.” Tuhaise explained.

Sonko is on a one month visit to Uganda to analyze world cup games on the national broadcasting television UBC.

From there, Bunga bet also took Sonko to see the crested crane.

It should be noted that Bunga bet has for over one year taken care of the costs of feeding the crested crane.

Tuhaise said that this is one way of bringing tourism to the top.

“Many people just see the crested crane but they don’t even know how much money it can bring in the country as a tourist attraction .” he said.

He said that Bunga bet chose the crested crane since its one bird that stands as a symbol on the Uganda National flag as well as the court of arms.

On this note Tuhaise promised that Bunga bet shall keep funding such activities as a way of reviving Uganda’s tourism sector.

Bunga bet last year partnered with the Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre (UWEC) to save the lives of crested cranes on a contract that is renewed annually.