By Herbert Bukenya

The war of words between Bukedde TV Presenter Fifi Da Queen real names Phionah Nabitengero and Radio Veteran Eddie Sendi seems to have caught a new blaze as she has not taken her blasting by the Radio and showbiz veteran over her remarks lying down.

In a rather angry Facebook rant, the Bukedde TV personality called the Dembe FM Senior an old broke man who should be ashamed of himself for being an under achiever at his age even going ahead to say she prays God doesn’t let her live that long if she is going to be poor during her old age.

She hinted on some rather personal issues including the fact that Sendi was declared bankrupt at one point for failure to pay URA taxes on the batches of old phones he used to bring into the country besides putting on a second hand suit on his wedding and diverting part of the wedding contributions to personal use as well. Looks like this cross fire is still going on and we shall keep you posted as it plays out.