By Watchdog reporter

Kira Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Semujju Nganda has said Uganda parliament led by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is the first in history to move a private members bill which is safe guarded by Special Forces Command (SFC).

While, appearing on NBS TV’s Frontline show on Thursday, Semujju one of the suspended anti age limit bill MPs said it has never happened anywhere throughout the globe for any bill to be moved while being protected by presidential  security operatives and Uganda parliament is the first in to do such.

He said all this was done because the bill agitators know it very well that its evil and that is why they are shy to uncover the truth that the amendment is aimed at helping president Yoweri Museveni achive his life presidency goal.

“This is the first Parliament in history to move a private members’ bill followed by SFC. I thought we were dealing with Magyezi. Why are you people shy? You will not see Magyezi and Nankabirwa on TV but you’ll see Mwesige. The Parliament has become like a market,” he said.

On the issue of suspending MPs opposed to the bill, Semujju noted that the suspension orders were not from Kadaga rather she was just used as a conveyor belt by President Museveni.

“These are not orders of Kadaga. She simply became a conveyor belt.My name was never read but I was the first one to be kidnapped by the body guards of Mr Museveni,”