Simon Peter Lokudumu, a former seminarian is to spend the next four and half years in jail for aggravated robbery. Lokudumu was convicted on Monday by Justice Henrietta Wolayo during the ongoing High Court Criminal Session in Moroto.

Prosecution heard that around February 2015, while in Napak district Simon Peter Lokudumu, a former student of Nadiket Seminary in Moroto district attacked Sr.  Rosario Naupe, an Italian nun working under the Comboni Sisters. The incident occurred at 7.00pm as the sister prepared to leave office at Matany Missionary Hospital, 32 kilometers South West of Moroto town.

During the scuffle, the assailant took off with Shillings 300,000, a Nokia phone, a veil, a bunch of keys and a crucifix. He was arrested in Namalu on his way to Mbale and arraigned in court for aggravated robbery. Lokudumu pleaded guilty and regretted the incident, saying he was a benefactor of Sr. Rosario needy fees initiative and promised to reform.

In her judgment, Justice Wolayo convicted Lokudumu to four and half years in jail, saying the sentence would act as a deterrent to other would be offenders. He asked Lokudumu to find a school in one of the prison facilities to continue with his education.

Lokudumu was in senior three at Nadiket Seminary in Moroto district when he committed the offense. Sister Rosario, who attended the court session, said that her intention was not to punish the offender but to use him to serve as a lesson to others.